White Label APP Reseller Program

Become a mobile CRM App reseller

Grow your business portfolio with recurring revenue!

We are looking for US based Resellers

Our CRM App can be easily rebranded and customized to any of the following niches (and many more):

  • SalesReps of any products
  • Replenishments of products, with recurring orders (Fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, foods and beverages)
  • Maintenance of many niches: security systems, coffee machines, vending machines
  • Field service agents: technicians, electricians or even plumbers. Anybody answering client calls.
  • + any other industry, even Horse Veterinarians (yes, we did it!) can use it

Current features of the product:

  • Customer database with complex CRM features: contacts, multiple addresses, multiple machines (with serial number, and current location) per customer
  • Products database with multi-stock management
  • Different document types: orders, estimates, receipts, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Task based to-do lists
  • Workorders with customizable fields
  • Attaching photos to workorders with markups
  • Route planner for client tours (!)
  • Nearby customers / Customer who didn’t recently order(!!)
  • Machines due on maintenance
  • Nearby open documents (orders or workorders)
  • User rights and permissions managament
  • Many more …

These highlighted features are the functions currently used by our existing customers.

Our goal is to provide our Reseller partners with a customizable SaaS product with great value to their customers.

Current Users
Average monthly subscription per user
/user/month (for resellers)

Standard pricing vs White Label Reseller Partner pricing:

Standard Pricing

$25monthly per user

for Reseller Partners

$10monthly per user

White Label Reseller options:

The average CRM software pricing is $20-$30 per month per user, which we call 1 credit.

We charge only $10 for 1 credit to our Reseller Partners, no matter how much they charge for it.

To rebrand the product to your needs, the minimum package is 1.000 credits.

We customize our CRM

We can easily customize it to any submarket, or your ideas as a reseller

Transform to any industry

The basics of the app were created to be easily transformed into any industry: any merchandize, coffee machine repairs, maintenance of vending machines, printers or solar panels.

Long term partnership

We have an experience of 17 years in many industries in Hungary. Our speciality is specializing, customizing our softwares on a long-term.


Malinovszky László
Malinovszky LászlóCEO


E-Szoftver Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary

Pick a niche familiar to you and start selling!