Our most important features:

Offline working

Our app works without internet connection, making it easy to access it in rural or underground areas

Works offline

Our app works without internet connection, making it easy to access it in rural or underground areas

Custom Appearance

Further customization can be added at an extra cost

Easily customizable

The basic functions can be easily enabled/disabled

CRM functions

Multiple contact, multiple delivery addresses and more

Complex Customer database

Our customer database keeps track of order histories, users who didn’t order recently, and nearby customers too

Mobile printing

Print to 80 mm thermal papers, or to Wifi printers (A4)

Print via Bluetooth

With Bixolon bluetooth printers, you can print directly at your customers: invoices, orders or workorders.

Photo attachments

Take photos of customer shelves of your merchandize

Take shelf photos!

Easily attach photo to orders or task, with easy markups.

Track your salesreps

Track and manage where your salesreps work daily

GPS Tracking

Location of your salesreps can be tracked via GPS. Are they really working at  your customers, or are they taking orders on their couches?

Fast order taking on the field:

Easy to use interface

Easy and intuitive user interface.

Quickly choose a partner from nearby partners (no need to type the name)

Choose only from products previously purchased and add them to the order with the Plus button.

(Of course you can still search for other products easily)

No worries, the customers special prices (or discounts) are automatically assigned.

See the current stock in the company HQ or at different warehouses.

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Signature capture

Capture the signature of those who give the order.

The signatures are attached to the PDF form of the orders too

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Screenshots from the APP:



  • Creating orders
  • Creating invoices
  • Creating estimates
  • Creating delivery notes
  • Creating Tasks

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